War in 3D

We launched the “War in 3D” project.

This project is aimed at documenting and analyzing the consequences of military aggression on the territory of Ukraine. It is designed to provide the necessary information for the restoration of destroyed objects, bringing the guilty to justice and raising public awareness of the consequences of military actions in Ukraine.

Using 3D scanning and photogrammetry, our team digitizes destroyed cities, buildings, cultural heritage, infrastructure and other objects affected by military operations. This data will help to rebuild destroyed objects after the end of the conflict and will serve as relevant evidence for international authorities in war crimes cases.

War in 3D
3D scanning
3D modeling
War in 3D
3D scanning
3D modeling

The main goals of the "War in 3D" project:

Documentation provision:
Gather evidence of the destruction and damage caused by military action using 3D scanning and photogrammetry. This will allow creating a voluminous archive of materials for further use in restoration works and legal proceedings.
Visualization of destruction:
Creation of 3D models of destroyed objects, which will help to visually demonstrate the scale of destruction and the impact of military operations on the life of the local population and historical monuments.
Recovery Support:
Use of collected data for post-conflict reconstruction planning and implementation. 3D models can be used as a basis for reconstruction of destroyed objects and infrastructure.
Provision of certificates for international bodies:
Presentation of collected data and 3D models to international organizations and judicial institutions for the investigation and accountability of war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law. Appropriate documentation can assist in uncovering war crimes and bringing perpetrators to justice.
Public engagement and awareness raising:
Dissemination of information about the "War in 3D" project in order to attract the public, including volunteers, researchers and other interested parties, who can help in collecting data and popularizing the project. It is also important to raise awareness at the international level about the situation in Ukraine and the consequences of military aggression for the country.
Technology development and cooperation:
Promoting the development of new technologies and methods in the field of 3D scanning and photogrammetry, cooperation with technological companies and scientific institutions with the aim of constantly improving the processes of documentation and analysis of destroyed objects.

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